Friday, August 11, 2017

Next week I will be officially relaunching my book blogging at! I am excited about this change. These old reviews will be here for a few more weeks before I archive them for good. This decision was not taken lightly, but I recognized a desire to start fresh and with focus. I have drive and a desire to book blog that I did not previously known and have within myself. As I have joined into the larger book blogging community I feel that I have slowly found a place within it and that I feel like the most potential for growth in this community comes from me joining wordpress at this time. I appreciate and love this site for what it has done for me, it has given me room to find myself, as a blogger, but sometimes you have to grow in ways you did not originally expect to happen. Now I am moving forward and upwards towards where I want to be within this community, regardless of numbers, stats, or anything else. This just feels like where I belong!

Please go to and follow me there! I love you all!


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