Review & Request Policies

Review Policy-

I review anything that I have actually completed from cover to cover. This means even if I have had a negative feeling towards the book I will post about it, this is because I recognize that anyone could pick up this same book and have a different experience. My words are truly my own feelings on them. I may say that I hate a book for reason A or B and you may find those reasons to be the exact reason you would want to pick the book up. Readers are eclectic and sharing both the good and the bad provides a more well-rounded reading and review experience for me.

I will not be posting ratings on my blog. If you are interested on what I rated a particular book you can visit my Goodreads account ( where I will post an arbitrary rating attached to the books I read. I feel like here, however, that this distracts from the book review itself.

This section may be updated over time as I get more entrenched into the book blogging world, but for now I will not put a lot of stipulations on this.

Request Policy-

So you are an author and would like me to read your work... This is my policy.

I will not read non-fiction works for a request unless it deals with the LGBT community or some type of social justice message.

In the fiction category, I will read anything but a romance novel. It is not my thing and I would not want to give a negative review simply because I already know they are not my thing and I went ahead and reviewed your work. You also do not want a negative review out the gate, so if your book is only romance there are a lot of bloggers that focus on that genre alone. Now, I do not mind if romance is an element of the work. For example, "On a Pale Horse" by Piers Anthony has romantic elements within it, but it is really about the story of death and his journey. The romance is a side story contained within. If the romance is a side note or side story I am all for it. Romance includes the erotica genre as well, for me, and this is all erotica including LGBT ones. Outside of this one genre, I have no preferences on being requested to read a book at this time. This is subject to change as I get further into the book blogging community. My preference will be given to works with social justice messages, LGBT works, and comics/graphic novels.

If given a free work I will try to have it read within a 2 week period of time with a review ready to go up on the blog by the release date or immediately if an already previously released book. This will greatly be influenced by if I am already reading a book that I was requested to read.

This policy is subject to change at my discretion. See below for details on where to send requests.

E-mail me at (this e-mail is a secondary account to my main, so no this is not a primary account so wait at least 24 hours for a response).