The Librarian

The Head Librarian is CASSIE WINTERS-

Cassie is an individual trying to find themselves in the world of reading. In the process she is learning to be authentically herself, which means finding the books she enjoys. In her daily life she is a Masters of Social Work student at Indiana University School of Social Work, a group facilitator for a transgender support group, and momma to three loving cats (Cinnamon, Fennel, and Dusty) and a dog that is a cutie (Pepper).

Cassie doesn't have a reading preference because she knows that anything can become a favorite read. Does she lean towards reading any particular type of book though? She does. Lets be realistic, everyone has their favorite types. Cassie enjoys reading a mystery novel, social issue types of books (think Push by Sapphire), and anything with a strong message attached to it. She also enjoys reading graphic novels with strong female characters (WONDER WOMAN is my SPIRIT ANIMAL!).

In media, Cassie enjoys horror movies, comedic television, and murder mystery type of shows. She has fond memories of watching shows like Murder, She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, and what probably could best be described as a cozy mystery. She hasn't figured out if that totally relates back to her love of a mystery novel yet, but she has a good idea that it probably does.

Ten Facts About Cassie Winters-

1. She loves the girl group "Spice Girls". She loves them so much that she owns a set of their dolls, she has purchased solo materials from every single one of the girls that was involved in the group, and she still will listen to them to this day.

2. She has only ever attended one concert in her life, which is the Cher Believe Tour with Cyndi Lauper as her opening act. She has decided that this is the end all be all of concerts for her life and will only ever go to another concert for herself when and if the Spice Girls do another reunion tour.

3. Her favorite book for numerous years was a children's book entitled "Uncle Vampire" by Cynthia D. Grant because it taught her that a book could be more than what is on the surface. There can be layers and it can flip your world upside down.

4. Cassie is a transgender (male to female) individual, so she is an advocate for LGBT rights. This recently resulted in her helping a local organization by being a group facilitator for them with their transgender support group.

5. Cassie has lived in Indiana and California only in her life. She lived in California for almost 6 years, but spent most of her life in Indiana in either Winchester or Muncie.

6. She graduated from Ball State University with a bachelors degree in sociology. She also has an associates degree in human services from Ivy Tech Community College. She graduated as outstanding student in the Public and Social Services department upon graduation at Ivy Tech.

7. Her favorite book series is the Prydain Chronicles by Llloyd Alexander. She remembers loving it as a kid and still owns them. Her second (and it is very close) is the "Face on the Milk Carton" series by Caroline B. Cooney. Her third favorite is the Bunnicula series by James Howe.

8. Cassie enjoys watching a video game over playing them, much to the enjoyment sometimes of her partner. He is an avid gamer.

9. Cassie's favorite movies are The First Wives Club, Wonder Woman, The Wizard of Oz, and The Other Sister.

10. Cassie will always eat the last piece of cheesecake!

Kitties and Doggy!

Cinnamon Bun, our derpy kitty

Fennel when he had to be in the "cone of shame"

Pepper trying to relax at my partner's parent house when he didn't want to be there.
Kitties in the window (Fennel on the left and Cinnamon on the right)

Cinnamon laying down

This is outside kitty (Dusty) which we take care of