These are some regular titles/features that you can find on this blog:

Gurl!! Finish it!!!- This is a what I am currently reading and watching feature. It helps me to stay on task and keep myself together. It also gives you, the reader, some insight into what I may be reading or watching that I am not necessarily reviewing or may be reviewing soon. It also gives you some of my own thought processes on why I am reading or watching something as well.

Fun time reads!- These are reads that have a less serious nature to them than the average book I am discussing. Most books have a social message that I discuss here, so sometimes I need something light-hearted. Those types of books will be labeled as FUN TIME READS!!

Topic books- Starting in August the blog will have a monthly topic and I will be doing my best to read 2 books in that topic during the month. For example, I would read two books on Women's rights (The Handmaid's Tale and another one) during that month if that was the topic for the month. This is to expand my own worldview, since as a social worker I should have a wide range of a view. It also is to have potentially hard conversations with readers and expand all our minds. I promise to not make this all about my viewpoint and I will never be that preachy either. It is a conversation and disagreement may happen, but I will not be allowing arguments that are attacking or rude.

Topic Media- This is basically the same as the topic book reads. I will be trying to watch at least one show/movie during that month that deals with the topic for that month. There may not be an immediately available option for this, so I will always be open to recommendations on this front.

Fun Watches- This is basically the same as FUN TIME READS. I take a less serious show and watch it. Sometimes you just have to watch something that isn't serious or heck maybe it is serious, but it just isn't focused on a social message currently being discussed on the blog.

LGBT book- As an individual that identifies in the LGBT population I will regularly be reading books that are tied into this community. I will not be reading erotica (see my request policy) in this group though. I again want to expand the mind of individuals and show what books are available for this particular community out there that does not fit into stereotyped genres of the community.

These are just some examples of features, which are subject to change at my discretion. 

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