Monday, December 5, 2016

Where Are You Christmas? sung by Faith Hill or Maybe it is time for some traditions to be put to rest.

I have had a tradition since about the time that the live-action version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" came out, so what better way to start off my Christmas celebration. Every single year I listen to the song "Where Are You Christmas" as sung on the soundtrack by Faith Hill. So roughly about 16 years I have listened to this song every Christmas time. I was taken in by the beginning message of the song because it was in 2000 that I started questioning where I belonged in the world. I could not feel the "Christmas Spirit" any more, so the song hit a note with me that I was not expecting when I first heard it. I remember when the lyrics "my world is changing, I'm rearranging" came on for the first time I started crying. I could not control my tears at all. I knew that I was not the same person as when I was growing up and that something was different about Christmas for me. Then much like the song I could tell that Christmas was still there, but I had to find it for myself. I had to develop it in a new way. I had to find what Christmas would be for me. I am still figuring that out in many ways, but a video later this week will discuss part of the way that I have discovered that Christmas can live on through me. I have figured out ways to keep that magical light glowing about Christmas and I hope that I can help you to keep some of that light going as well when you see the video.

This is the song-

(Adding link because it may come up as not playable for some, so you can click the link to hear the song if you desire. I hope that helps anyone that may run into issues listening to the song.)

This being said, I recognize now that it is time to put the song to rest and let this be the final season that I listen to this song. Some traditions have to be put to rest because their meaning has changed. This song represents a past that I was a part of and one that has to be put away so that I can move forward. I am no longer in the throes of the life that made me latch onto this song back in 2000. I am in a sense rearranging again and this time it means that certain things have to move out of my realm of existence. This is one of those things, in my opinion. It really does feel like a long ago part of who I am and now instead of being a positive uplifting song it is soiled with a lot of negative energy. It reminds me of that dark period of my life instead of lifting me up, so I am looking for a new contemporary Christmas song to make my tradition. I will always appreciate the song for being there during this period of my life and I hope one day I can listen to it again without feeling that negative energy surrounding it. Do you have a suggestion for a new Christmas song tradition? If so, leave a message down in the comments with your suggestion!

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  1. I have a very strong connection to Frosty the snowman performed by Cocteau Twins. I cant pretend to know your taste in music but I do recommend the song.