Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Obvious Closing...

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When something does not feel right it is hard to go back to it. When something feels like it just isn't who you are at this particular moment of your life you step away from it. I have mentioned previously that this blog felt "tainted" in my mind. I have continued to feel that way because I feel that it became about "toys" and the "love of them" instead of what I enjoy in my own life. I feel that I needed to update at least once since my last post was that I had been sick. I got over that, but I never got over this internal feeling of that I should not return to this project. 

I am working on finding aspects of life that I enjoy. Things that I want to do in it while I am still on this planet. This is why I feel that I will never return to Cassie's Library because it feels wrong. It does not feel like where I am supposed to be at this moment of my life. I am at a point of my life though where I will not say that I will never return to blogger or blogging in the future because I know that once I say that in a year I will be back on here eating crow. That isn't what I want, so I am just saying that for now I wanted to state that the library is "closed, officially". I want to say though that I am already starting to think of ways to reconnect with the outside world in a similar fashion to what I was doing here, so if and when I start a new project I will update this post to show where you can go to see the new content.  

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  1. The nice thing about blogging and blogs in general Is that In most cases,we haven't really made a commitment to them.We are not there for the blog,the blog Is there for us.For when we need It.At our own pace ,whether It be a post a week or a year.My advice Is to leave It up and don't erase!At some point you will want to come back and check out how you may have been feeling or what book you were reading at what time. It's always nice to go back to my old blog to see things that I had or want lists that I've since completed!

  2. Well im glad you came back to at least say your alive and well :) though I can say I will miss you book reviews but if its not the right fit for you then you try to find what is. I once had a blog about antique glass but it never felt right so it went away.