Monday, October 24, 2016

Pop Culture League: Halloween - Most Wonderful Time of the Year or "Hold the Phone NO CHRISTMAS IS!"

This week's Pop Culture League Challenge from the
Cool and Collected Blog

My next post will be later today and is the second "Halloween Horrors Project" review!!!

You can also check out these great blogs: (Links will be updated when available to the specific responses for this Pop Culture League Challenge!)

Collectors' Universe- - She discussed how it is her favorite time of the year and included some great decoration pictures!!

Green Plastic Squirt Gun- Shares some awesome pictures of Halloween items and also tells us what Halloween is to him!

Mr. Smith's Plastic Bubble - - Discusses some of their favorite costumes they wore growing up and much more!!

2 Minute Toy Break - - Shares a great story of a Halloween where he planned to steal the Mayor's candy!!

The Toy Box - - "Here Comes Halloween" or His love for "Nightmare Before Christmas"!!!

Music used with permission from Youtube Audio Library. Attribution was not required, but title is "A New Leaf" 

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  1. Obviously was not surprised by this post, but don't feel bad. I mean do I feel bad telling you Christmas isn't the most wonderful time of the year? Honestly I do understand as if you remember, I used to hate Christmas but now I enjoy it because I am around you during it. I still can't believe on Saturday that we saw someone's house already decorated for Christmas though lol!

    1. That shocked even me! Before we know it Christmas decorations will be up in July! Oh wait, Christmas in July. Maybe people do decorate for then? ;-)

  2. yep, but you can say Christmas was appropriated and commercialized too- I celebrate Yule and Christmas both

    1. Yes, Christmas was appropriated and commercialized as well, but the difference is I tend to like the stuff that comes with Christmas more ;-) Snowmen, Snowflakes, Snow in general hehe